Jed began playing music from the age of 7, and his first live performance was at the age of 10 accompanying his Dad on the drums, playing jazz at a retirement home.
Jed quickly became involved in the local York music scene, teaming up with other musicians and playing in many bands, developing experience and skills on and in the studio


1986 - Watch With Mother

The turning point came at the age of 22 when he turned professional with local band The Bogus Brothers. Across a 12-year period the band took off across the UK live music circuit, playing universities, colleges and festivals the length and breadth of the country, expanding overseas to Ireland then on to Europe, playing major festivals, live music venues and TV and radio, from Russia to Portugal, The Netherlands to Croatia.

After more than 2000 gigs Jed finally left the band to pursue a new life in The Netherlands, taking time out of touring to be with his family.

Throughout this time Jed continued to play music locally, and can currently be seen playing live in rock band ″L ′ATTAQUE″ en rock ′n roll band ″Mac Taple″.


2015 - L′ATTAQUE


During his time on the road, he′d written a number of songs which, due to commitments, were kept on a shelf with the intention to eventually record them and hopefully release them in some form or another.

After his close collaboration with Jan Jansen, these can now be heard on the LP ′Breaking Waves′.


2016 - Studio